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About Us

Silx Youth Project is a multi award winning project that for the past 20 years has been providing young people aged 11-25 living in Blyth with recreational, educational projects, activities and positive interventions.

Our team consists of professionally qualified youth workers, an Information, Advice and Guidance worker and volunteers with extensive experience of working with young people. We are open 50 weeks each year and our activities are free.

Teen Bar is open evenings 5 -8pm on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and works with young people aged 11-19.

Silx Employability Project is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12 -3pm and works with young people aged 16 -25 on issues of employability, training and returning to education, as well as providing support on personal issues that may be a barrier to progression in life.

Detached Project- Our Detached team work in Blyth town centre and the surrounding areas every Wednesday and Friday evenings, giving support to young people who might not access any other youth provision, arranging activities, referring and directing young people to Blyth based youth provision and other agencies for support.

AQA Accredited Centre- Silx has recently become an AQA Accredited Centre which means the young people that attend the Employability Project and Teen Bar sessions can now complete nationally recognised accreditations in CV building, Applying for employment, Health and Safety, Independent Living Skills and many more…..


Additionally, we provide a summer programme that includes out of the area trips, recreational and educational activities as well as sport and involvement in projects and partnership activities.
Registered Charity: 1118360

Silx Youth Project takes your privacy very seriously, you can access our data privacy notice here:

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We provide life skills sessions and support in healthy cooking, budgeting, claiming benefits, housing advice and more.....
HEALTH / People
We offer a whole range of free online courses to complete in house, AQA unit awards and we can also fund external courses if we feel they will beneficial to the individual.
Our employability project runs every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 12-3 for young people aged 16-25. This operates as a drop in service
We have held a number of workshops at Silx to give the young people new experiences, most recently we have NE Youth visit us to deliver a virtual driving workshop
The young people are actively involved in supporting the local community, they recently took part in NE Youth's Tennerthon Challenge and with the money they raised they bought gifts for the local residents of waterloo house and visited them to deliver these just before Christmas.
CHARITY / People
Volunteering is a great way for the young people to help the community and learn new skills, this looks great on their CV and builds up confidence. Our young volunteers have recently been involved in an energy drink campaign to highlight the dangers and volunteered during our heritage project.
We have won awards for the work we have done to bridge the gap between the older and younger generation in Blyth. Our most recent project was our heritage project which saw our young people working with the over 50s forum to explore youth work in Blyth from the 1930s-present day and create a book, this project was very successful.
CHARITY / People


Numerical visualisation of what we've done

Silx Teen Bar is proud to be the largest youth provider in Northumberland with innovative and new projects and activities that endeavour to meet the needs of the young people of Blyth. Our provision consists of an evening youth club project and a very successful day time employability project working with young people aged 16-25.  We also deliver weekly sessions on the streets of Blyth, making contact with young people that use the streets as a means of recreation.

Below is a summary of some of our figures for the year so far (May-April)

Young People have accessed the project
Accreditation's Completed
Young People Employed
Young people have taken part in a health session


Silx has been great for me. Started coming to the Employability Project and had loads of personal problems, some relating to my personal health, Jackie made referrals for me and took me to different services who were able to offer me that personal support. It does not matter how many times I seem to have a problem the workers at Silx seem to help me or get another organisation involved. I feel more happier now, still have some problems, but I now feel happier and stronger and able to deal with problems much easier, but I still ask for help when I need it.
Aliesha / Aged 19
Silx helped me a lot when I was younger so when I left college it was the first place I went to get support. I worked very closely with Sarah and she helped with my CV and I did some online courses. When the Bazaar Group asked for a recommendation for someone to do a business admin apprenticeship Silx thought of me. Silx supported me by preparing me for my interview, they helped with clothes and even took me there. I got the apprenticeship and I love it, Silx helped with my travel expenses for the first month and I keep in touch with workers as if it wasn't for their help I wouldn't be where I am now! Thank you!
Sinead Patterson / Apprentice
I had loads of problems this year with depression, being bullied at school, effected my confidence, the school did not help much, neither did the doctor. I spoke to June at Silx and they said I could go to them all whenever I needed support and let me talk things through and handle the bullying. I am much happier now. I also enjoy the other health sessions especially the girls pamper sessions, as I’ve learnt how to put my make up on.
Claire / Aged 14
Silx always encourages us to visit the project with the different sexual health initiatives that we are involved in. They seem to be very progressive in this field and take young people’s health very seriously and that needs to be applauded.
Teenage Pregnancy Team
Really enjoy the Healthy eating sessions, the food is great and we can get involved in the preparations and the cooking of the food. Making pasta from scratch was so interesting. My mum now allows me to cook at home as it has helped me learn different things.
Katie / Aged 13
I used to be quite loud and used to get myself into trouble but since coming to Silx from being younger I am now much calmer and more grown up. I volunteer in the night time sessions and now mentor the younger ones who remind me of what I was like when I was younger and I like having some responsibility. I use the 1st sessions because the workers help me with my job search and have helped me make a CV, I am now looking at doing some training to help me with my volunteering.
Paul Cozens / Volunteer
Silx have helped me since I was 12. I used to come into the Teen Bar and learnt how to play pool and DJ. I have received help in the employability project with my CV, online courses and volunteering. Silx have also put me through a youth work skills AQA and I now work two sessions a week in the teen bar.
Karl Hanson / Volunteer
This is the only place we are happy to come and talk to the youth workers about Sexual Health. A group of ten of us were advised by the Detached workers to come to Silx and get a C card. The workers were easy to talk to and made it easy for us to get a C card.
Young Lads aged 14-15 / Bede Academy
I came to Silx employability project to get help with CSCS. The workers helped me to revise this and then Silx paid for me to do my IOSH working safely course and now I have CSCS card that is valid for 5 years. Silx also paid for me to do working at heights and asbestos awareness. Thanks to them I now have an interview for a roofing job.
Jamie McGowan / 23 Years Old
Teenage Pregnancy Team
Paul Cozens
Karl Hanson
Young Lads aged 14-15
Jamie McGowan


What spins our world

October 2019
November 26, 2019

Our October 2019 Magazine is now live! See what we have been up too and what our young people have achieved this month! Very exciting few months ahead with lot’s more events and activities planned. October 2019 Edited  

Road Safety Campaign
September 26, 2019

Silx have worked very closely with Emma Shields from the NHS and with a group of young people who identified that road safety and technology is an issue for them and others of similar age. The group of 4 young people initially sat and discussed what they would like to deliver and what messages they […]

Summer work
September 3, 2019

Hello All! We have had so many events going on this summer including trips to Flamingo Land, Rock Climbing, Summer Carnivals, educational trips to Beamish, and much much more. All our trips, events and evening sessions have included free food for our young people as we recognise a lot of young people do not eat […]

New Volunteering Programme for Silx
April 8, 2019

We have recently set up a Volunteering/Work Experience project that is giving young people the hands on skills and experience they need to get into work.  For over 20 years our very successful Employability Project has helped Hundreds of young people find employment and 1000’s of  internal and external accreditation’s have been completed. Young people […]

Award Success for Sinead!
April 3, 2019

Back in 2015 we recommended one of our young people Sinead Patterson to The Bazaar Group in Cramlington for a Business Admin Apprenticeship. Sinead came to use the Employability Project after leaving College. Although Sinead had great GCSE grades she lacked confidence and had no work experience. During her time with us Sinead completed a […]

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