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Silx Spooooktacular!
November 3, 2016

As you all know it was Halloween on Monday- we always have a party every year here at Silx but because our Monday sessions are only for our younger 11-14 age group we decided to hold our party on Wednesday 2nd November so all of the young people could be included.

We have planning the party for the past few weeks with the young people making decorations, planning their costumes and creating spooky recipes- so it was safe to say we were all looking forward to it.

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The young people all made a fantastic effort with their costumes- we had the queen of hearts, Zombies, Witches, Pumpkins and even had a BBC Test Card doll! It was great that the young people were so enthusiastic, even the workers got involved and dressed up!

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The night kicked off with music and the young people enjoyed taking in the atmosphere after workers had spent the afternoon turning Silx into a Spooky lair!

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Next up was Food, which is always a very popular aspect to any of the parties held at Silx! We served up a real feast of pizza, Severed Hot dog fingers, pickled onion eyeballs, crisps and the young people also got to enjoy all of the sweet treats they made earlier in the week! This was all washed down with our Halloween juice served in a cauldron complete with Jelly Worms! Mmmm!

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We then moved on to games- the young people had a great time dressing eachother up as mummies and getting competitive in the Balloon game and Musical Statues! Prizes were given to the winners.

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We then handed out prizes for the best costumes- this year we had Two Winners: Abbigail who came as the queen of hearts and Lucie who was the BBC Test Card Doll! I’m sure you will all agree that both girls looked fabulous!



Our worker Sarah is leaving us on Friday to go on Maternity Leave so we ended the evening by presenting her with a card and presents that the young people had made for her and her baby!


The night was fantastic and we are looking forward to next year already….

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