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Summer Trips……
August 25, 2015

The summer holidays are an exciting time for the young people, 6 whole weeks away from school, work and teachers! On the other hand the summer holidays can be a stressful and sometimes very expensive time for parents, so here at Silx we try to provide some fun, cheap and sometimes even free trips during the summer to give the young people some much needed time out and their parents a break! This Summer we have had lots of fun with trips to The Theatre, The ice rink, Starbowl and Flamingoland!

Theatre Royal Newcastle- Annie

Some of the girls at Silx created a Keyfund group back in June and decided they wanted to raise funds to go and see a show at the Theatre! In the first week of the Holidays the girls chose to use the money they were awarded to see Annie at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle and also had time to stop off at Pizza Hut! The girls (and Jackie) had a fantastic day and said the show was Brilliant.

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Ice Skating at Whitley Bay Ice Rink

The girls that had raised money doing a Keyfund decided that with the money they had left over they wanted to plan a trip to the ice rink for themselves and other young people at Silx. On the 31st July, Ray and June took 9 young people to Whitley Bay ice rink for a fun filled night of Ice Skating, all of the young people benefited from the keyfund therefore this trip was completely free 🙂

The young people before they hit the ice….

Bowling at Starbowl, North Shields

We have a Wii at Silx and one of the games that proves very popular with the young people is Bowling! The young people asked if we could plan a trip to the bowling alley so they could try bowling for real! on Thursday 13th August, Jackie and Sarah took 10 young people to Starbowl in North Sheilds, this trip only cost the young people £5 which they got back on the day to spend while they were there! The group split into two teams over two lanes and played two games! (Sarah lost both games, much to the amusement of the young people) it was a great afternoon and the young people can’t wait to go back!

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Every year we have a summer trip to Flamingoland. The young people love this trip and it is always a big highlight of the summer, as we go as a large group it only costs £15 and this includes the bus travel there and back! This year Jackie, June, Sarah and Dave took a group of 20 young people on Thursday 20th August and had a fantastic time! The bus set off at 8am and arrived at Flamingoland at 10:30, the sun was shining and the young people went off in their groups and had a wonderful time on all of the rides and exploring the zoo! The young people had such a good time they all fell asleep on the bus on the way home!


Summer 2015 has been great and we cannot wait to start planning what we will be getting up to next year, we hope all of the young people have enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to going back to School in September with lots of great memories!

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