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Silx has recently become an AQA Accredited Centre, which means we are now able to deliver the AQA Unit Award Scheme. This is a fantastic development as it means all young people that attend our Employability Project and Teen Bar Sessions can now gain nationally recognised certificates for their achievements. We are currently delivering Accreditations in:

  • Level 2 Compiling a CV
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Investigating Work, Learning and Training
  • Level 1 Applying for Employment
  • Introduction to Basic Manual Handling
  • Level 2 Developing Youth Work Skills
  • Level 1 Diversity and Equality Awareness
  • Basic Drug Awareness
  • Basic Alcohol Awareness
  • Entry Level Glass Painting
  • Level 1 Beauty, Hygiene, Health & Safety
  • Entry Level Healthy Sweets and Desserts

Many more units are being added every session, keep checking back for updates of how many courses have been added and completed….

Check out our latest successes:

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As well as the AQA’s we also have a whole range of online courses that can be completed in house, download the full online course guide here: