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Case Studies

Matty, aged 16

Matty has been attending Silx since he was 11.

Matty is a very active member of the youth project and is very reliable and always gets involved in all of the external projects and social action.

In the last year Matty was heavily involved in our Road Safety Campaign, this was a partnership project with the NHS and the fire service. Matty worked closely with Youth workers, his peers, Emma Shields the Public Health Project Specialist and Big little Butterfly to plan a film that would be used to highlight the dangers of using your mobile phone whilst crossing the road. Matty had a leading role in the development of the film and had a starring role in it too, the film was launched at an event at the local fire station where he was commended for his contribution, the film is now played in schools and used as training material for the fire service.

Matty is a very well-liked member of the project and lots of the young people look up to him.


Abbigail is 19, and has been coming to Silx since she was 11. When workers first met Abbigail she was very quiet and shy and didn’t always want to get involved with activities. Since getting to know the workers she is now much more confident and gets involved with all of  the activities and has made lots of new friends. Abbigail now volunteers in our Monday night sessions which is for school years 7,8 and 9 where she takes a leading role in being a mentor for the younger members, she leads our young committee and runs our new and exciting Silx Teen Magazine and young people’s blog, Abbigail juggles all of this around her University Course- she studies Engineering at Northumbria University. In 2019 Abbigail was awarded NE Youth’s Young Achiever of the year.




Keighleigh regularly attends our Employability and Teen Bar sessions. Keighleigh was born with a congenital heart disorder, has been through heart surgery and left school with no qualifications due to being in hospital a lot. After attending Silx and with support of workers who encouraged her and built up her confidence Keighleigh is now enrolled in college doing a photography course and volunteers at the local branch of CT Furniture, taking photos for their social media pages.



Workers initially met Cameron whilst doing detached work during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cameron built up a good relationship with the workers by chatting to them each week. When restrictions allowed we then invited Cameron to come into our Employability Project for a one to one socially distanced appointment each week, Cameron has benefited massively from doing this, he has grown in confidence and has completed a number of short online courses as well as improving his Maths and English skills.


Paydon, Aged 21

Paydon has been attending Silx since she as 16 as a regular participant of our Employability Project. During her time with us workers have assisted Paydon to sort out her benefit, have attended medical appointments with her to ensure she has the correct support in place and Paydon has also completed a number on online courses with us and been involved in volunteering days at Newcastle Cat & Dog shelter. Well Done Paydon!

Elise, Aged 17

Elise has been a regular member of our Teen Bar sessions for a number of years now and has been involved in lots of projects with us. One particular project that Elise was heavily involved with was our Road Safety Campaign, she took on one of the main roles in a video we made to highlight the dangers of using your mobile whilst driving, Elise can be seen in the photo receiving a commendation for her hard work in this project. During the COVID-19 pandemic Elise reached out for support from workers with finding a placement for her childcare course at college, workers successfully matched Elise with a School in Cramlington and she is now doing really well!