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Case Studies



Tony is 24 and has been coming to Silx since he was 13 years old, Tony had a lot of issues in his personal life growing up but built up a positive rapport with workers and has grown into a very polite and determined young man.  Tony has been using our Employability project to carry out his job search and our workers have assisted him with job applications, CV, Cover letters, interview clothes and have even taken him to interviews. After a long period of searching for work and building up his confidence and getting new skills by working with our youth workers Tony has found permanent employment with Mecca Bingo and now helps to encourage other young people that use the service.



John Hollinshead from Gentoo with Silx - Posbos

Abbigail is 17, and has been coming to Silx for a few years. When workers first met Abbigail she was very quiet and shy and didn’t always want to get involved with activities. Since getting to know the workers she is now much more confident and gets involved with all of  the activities and has made lots of new friends. Abbigail now volunteers in our Monday night sessions which is for school years 7,8 and 9 where she takes a leading role in being a mentor for the younger members, she leads our young committee and runs our new and exciting Silx Teen Magazine and young people’s blog.



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Ian has had some hard times in the past and really wanted to change his life around so came to Silx for  support. Ian has been coming to our employability sessions for 2 years and in that time has taken lots of positive steps to make himself employable. Workers have helped Ian with his CV, supported him with job applications, taken him to college and careers open days and have paid for him to complete training. Ian now has a demolition card, CSCS card, IOSH working safely, Asbestos Awareness and Working at Heights certificates. When Ian first came to Silx he didn’t have a lot of confidence due to things that had happened in the past but he now has qualifications and a glowing CV and the skills and attitude he needs and has recently been offered a full time job in roofing! Well done Ian!




Keighleigh regularly attends our Employability and Teen Bar sessions. Keighleigh was born with a congenital heart disorder, has been through heart surgery and left school with no qualifications due to being in hospital a lot. After attending Silx and with support of workers who encouraged her and built up her confidence Keighleigh is now enrolled in college doing a photography course and volunteers at the local branch of CT Furniture, taking photos for their social media pages.




Ben has been coming to Silx for a few years now, when he first came here he didn’t really know anyone and was very shy. After getting to know workers and some of the other young people Ben is now much more confident, he chats to workers, he’s got lots of new friends, he gets involved with all activities with enthusiasm and can always be relied on to be a ‘buddy’ to new young people that come into the sessions. Ben is actively involved with volunteering and has represented Silx at the Northumberland’s Finest Awards.



Kyle is 22 and has benefited so much from attending Silx, he first started coming to the Teen Bar sessions when he was 13 and was incredibly shy and found it very difficult to have a conversation with workers or other young people and would quite often sit out of group activities. Kyle is an avid pool player and using his skills in this field he opened up to workers and others and made lots of new friendships. Kyle now regularly attends our employability sessions and has had support with CV writing and applying for employment as well as completing accreditations.




Paul has been attending Silx since he was 16- he used to be quite loud and did sometimes have issues with anger, now he is older he volunteers in our evening sessions and is turning into a very hardworking, productive and reliable young man. Paul is actively involved in our planned activities and gets the younger members to participate especially in sports and pool and acts as a mentor. Paul recently passed short courses in Safeguarding, First Aid, Health & Safety as well as completing a level 3 AQA unit award in Volunteers Youth Work Skills. Paul was named as the volunteer of the year at 2016’s POSBO awards.




Georgia is a regular attendee at our Teen Bar sessions and enjoys getting involved in all of our planned activities. Our Monday evening sessions are for 11-13 year olds and Georgia comes and volunteers in these sessions and acts as a mentor to the younger members and encourages them to participate. Georgia can also be relied upon to represent Silx in a positive light. In 2017 Georgia was named at NE Youth’s ‘Young Volunteer of the year’




Karl has been attending Silx since he was 13 and has developed in confidence throughout the years. Karl has always enjoyed being involved in all of our in house activities. More recently, Karl has become a worker in our Teen Bar sessions, Karl was given this opportunity after volunteering with us for a number of years and we are now supporting Karl to complete a youth work qualification.