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Stationary Gifts for Back to School…..
September 7, 2020

Last week saw the majority of our young people getting back to a sense of normality by returning to School, this was a big step after being out of school for the best part of 6 months. So, we decided we wanted to give something to our young people to make going back to school a bit easier and also let them know we are all thinking of them and that we are so proud of how they have handled the big changes in their daily routines during lockdown.

We created positivity packs back in April so we decided on a similar idea but this time filled the bags with items that can be used either at school or at home for homework. Each bag contained pens, pencils,  a calculator, a face mask, a ruler as well as other handy stationary items.

Armed with a list of names and addresses, youth workers hand delivered the bags socially distanced and the response was great, the young people and their families were really grateful for the gifts and it really lifted the spirits of some of the young people that were very understandably apprehensive about returning to school.


As well as the stationary gifts our team have been out every evening doing detached youth work sessions in different areas of Blyth, it has been great to be able to be out and about catching up with our lovely young people whilst we are still unable to open the building. If you see the team out please come and say hi, we are also now able to distribute the Greggs food we get free every Tuesday and Thursday evening too, which has proved a hit with the young people we’ve met! We are determined to keep up the contact with all of the young people until we are able to open safely again so the sessions will remain as detached until further notice and don’t forget workers are contactable every day so if you need us drop us a text, call us, email us or message on Facebook or Instagram.


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