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Meet the Team: Jackie
April 20, 2020

During these uncertain times we thought it would be fun for you to get to know the staff just that little bit better, so we will be covering a different staff member each day. Today it is the turn of the ‘Boss Lady’, senior youth worker- Jackie.

How long have you been a youth worker?

I’ve been a youth worker now for 26 years

How long have you worked at Silx?

I’ve been here for a staggering 23 years

What’s the best thing about being a youth worker?

Best thing about being a youth worker is working with young people of course but also because the job has many sides to it – admin – social worker – mediator – joker – clown – mentor – and it is never boring and keeps you young.

What are you doing to keep busy and what are you missing the most during lockdown?

I am not bored luckily as I am working from home – talking to the young people on Zoom – emailing and messaging them too. Keeping in touch with the families to see if their coping. Organising programmes ready for our return. Ringing and keeping in touch with other organisations.  Plus I face time my family and friends as I miss them like mad. Take my 3 dogs Teddy, Frankie and Alfie out on walks – and I’m now addicted to TikTok ha ha

Where is the first place you are going to go when lockdown is over?

First place I’m going  is to see my Grandchildren and my best friend Linda – I’m not neglecting my Mam and Dad as I go and check on them regularly as they live in my street so I see them a lot (standing at the bottom of their path). It’s strange not seeing people and I miss socialising and I can’t wait to see all the young people at Silx even though they have my life sometimes lol.

What is the first thing you are going to do when lockdown is over?

Go and have a coffee with my best friend Linda

What’s your Favourite Colour?

Pink and Purple

Do you have a Favourite song?

Fly on the Wings of Love – Happy Hardcore  – and a bit of Scooter

Favourite Food?

Chocolate of course

Some advice for our young people during this time…..

In this time of lockdown I just want to say to you all to stay safe and do things that make you happy but  STAY IN and stay connected to your mates via social media. Help your family out, keep yourself busy as it helps you cope and get through the days. Turn your tunes up and dance your heart out, try to learn new skills like doing an exercise class, cooking, art, starting an YouTube Channel – be the best Tik Toker lol there is loads to do if you put your mind to it- and join in our daily challenges and win a surprise package from Amazon.

Lets get through this  as I know we can and I hope to see you all soon as I miss you and I want to see you all safe and healthy when we get back to Silx – hang in there it’ll be over soon – if you need us you know you can always contact us and you know we will be there for you.

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