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#NoBrainer Campaign- Leaflet officially launched
July 5, 2018

You may remember back in October we told you about the young people taking part in a campaign to highlight the dangers of Energy Drinks and were working in partnership with the NHS, SureStart, Drager and Northumberland Fire & Rescue to create a leaflet and had named their campaign #NoBrainer……… CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE


#NoBrainer Energy Drink Project……

We are pleased to let you all know that after months of handwork, meetings and workshops that the leaflet and accompanying poster is now complete and the young people officially launched the #NoBrainer campaign with a presentation at West Hartford Fire Station on 19th June.


We are incredibly proud of the young people and we are now hoping these leaflets make their way into the hands of other young people and really get them to stop and think about the dangers of these drinks!

The young people are now in the process of planning their next campaign which will centre around road safety……


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