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Silx Painting Project
January 26, 2016

We decided to start 2016 by giving Silx a fresh new look! We enlisted the support of artist and decorater John Craggs to give the staircase and the hall way in Silx a makeover. The young people decided that they wanted to put some more colours on the wall and brighten the place up and settled on making a paisley pattern of purples, greys and oranges.

John drew the outline of the agreed designs and then marked out on the walls which colours needed to go where and then the young people got to work filling in the colours, it was a little bit similar to ‘paint by numbers’ and the young people had a great time, they all had a very steady hand and the results were fantastic. The project took place over two Saturdays and the young people worked incredibly well as a team and built on their confidence by learning a new skill.

The workers and John were very impressed with the results, take a look at the photos I’m sure you will agree it looks much better 🙂



The corridor before…..
The Corridor during the makeover……
Corridor after…..
The stairs before……
During the makeover….
Staircase after…..

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