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Trip to Edinburgh Zoo- July 2018
August 1, 2018

On Saturday 28th July we joined our friends from Newsham and New Delaval Youth Forum for a joint trip to Edinburgh Zoo!

It was an early start, we met at 6:30am ready for a 6:45am bus pick up to take us to Morpeth Train station and from there we got the train to Edinburgh, once we had arrived it was another quick bus journey and we finally arrived at the Zoo, joining the queue ready for it to open at 10am.


Once inside, there was lots to explore and it was very busy so we split up into two groups. The young people enjoyed looking at African hunting dogs, sun bears, penguins and explored the monkey house and then in true British Summer style the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour! We took shelter and waited for it to pass and didn’t let it dampen our spirits, the young people were very good as this was only the first of many downpours throughout the day. After a little bit more exploring we met up with the other group and we all headed indoors for lunch.


After lunch, our group then went in search of the Tigers and Lions, due to the ever-changing weather throughout the day both of the big cats were asleep but the young people were still very impressed, after spending time with the Zebras and having a pit stop for ice cream it was then time for the Penguin Parade! The parade takes place every day and the King, Gentoo and Rockhopper penguins who fancy a stroll, leave their enclosure and walk around the parade route with their keepers, this was great to see and the young people really enjoyed it.


After this we headed off to the Bundongo trail where we got to see the Chimpanzees and we had a talk about insects and the young people got to hold giant cockroaches and stick insects, much to the horror of Newsham Senior worker Kev, whom the kids enjoyed scaring even more!


After all of our exploring, we headed to the gift shop and then set off on our journey home! We had a very long and wet day but the young people had a fantastic time and it was great for them to spend time with other young people from Newsham Forum and we are looking forward to our next joint adventure!



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