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Youth Work Week 2018
November 7, 2018

What is Youth Work? This is what the National Youth Agency are asking us this year as the theme for Youth Work Week 2018.

Youth Work Week takes place once a year and is An opportunity to expolre the changing landscape for youth work delivery and a time to celebrate the incredible difference it makes to young people’s lives’ (NYA,2018)

For us at Silx, we believe youth work means listening to and supporting young people, giving young people new experiences and opportunities that perhaps without youth work and youth workers they might not have done. Young people that have used our service regularly express that without ‘youth work’ they might not be where they are now.

Over the past 22 years Silx have offered lots to young people including arts projects, health projects, music workshops, cooking, teaching life skills as well as putting on trips and residentials every year. These are all youth work tools that inspire young people to release their potential and adds to their new experiences and enriches their lives.

Silx Youth work has gone beyond our evening youth club and three days a week the staff run a very successful employability project, using their youth work skills and knowledge to support young people aged 16-25 to look for work, apprenticeships and training- they also offer support and give advice and guidance around other issues that could stop a young person from progressing such as housing issues, debt, benefits and health.

The staff here use the caring ethos that is the backbone of Silx and the young people that come through the doors flourish and progress and this makes such a difference to their future.

We’ve spoken to our young people about what they think Youth Work is and this is what they said…… (click the link)

Youth Work Week 2018

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