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Detached Trip to Dynamix…..
November 16, 2017

We have a very successful detached project here at Silx,  our fabulous detached team work on the streets of Blyth every Wednesday and Friday evening with the aim of engaging with hard to reach young people who choose not to access any centre based youth provision.

It has been well documented on social media that there has been a significant increase in the numbers of youths in Blyth taking part in Anti Social Behaviour, these youths do not attend Silx or any other youth club and choose to create their own entertainment by causing trouble in Blyth. One particular ‘Hot Spot’ for trouble is the sports centre and the skate park, our detached team have worked very closely with the police and the staff at the sports centre to try and alleviate the trouble there and have made contact with the Anti Social group and encouraged them to move on.

The detached team, the police and the staff at the sports centre were concerned about the legitimate users of the skate park missing out because their time was constantly being disrupted by the ASB group, the ASB group were bullying the young people using the skate park properly therefore the group have started to choose not to go their due to fear of intimidation and because the skate park was being vandalised by the ASB group.

The detached workers have supported the group of young people that use the skate park that range in age from 13-17 and decided that they deserved to be able to skate without being intimidated or disrupted so they arranged a trip to Dynamix.  Dynamix is an indoor skatepark in Gateshead that has a number of ramps and obstacles for young people to use on Scooters, Skateboards and bikes. The group have incredible skating skills and were limited on what they could practice in Blyth so Silx paid for the group to go on the trip and when they were there they confidently showed off their tricks and really came out of their shells being around groups of other like minded young people and were incredibly grateful for the opportunity.




Silx detached project is a vital resource in Blyth and the workers will continue to show their presence on the streets to help stop youth disorder!



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