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NE Youth Tennerthon Challenge
December 20, 2017

This year our young people are taking part in NE Youth’s Tennerthon Challenge……

The challenge gives the young people the chance to be young entrepreneurs and make some money! Each group is given £10 that they must grow, the young people need to plan and develop an idea to make the most money by the end of January and NE Youth will have prizes for the group that makes the most money and the group that has the most social impact.

The young people here at Silx decided they wanted to buy items for a tombola with their £10 and with the money the made from the tombola they wanted to buy Christmas presents for all of the residents at Waterloo House in Blyth.

They contacted Waterloo House themselves to find out when they could do this and how many residents they needed to buy for and managed to get lots of fabulous items for their tombola which took place on the 10th December at Silx and with the money raised they have got some lovely gifts for all of the residents.



The young people have wrapped all of the presents and plan to visit the home on Thursday 21st December to deliver the gifts in person and also plan to hold another tombola in the new year!

We are so proud of all of the young people that have got involved with this as Christmas is a time for sharing and giving and rather than thinking of themselves our young people have chosen to help others. Christmas can be a very lonely time for older people that may not have family around so this is really a wonderful gesture from our fantastic young people here at Silx!

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